Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love Until It Hurts

The more I love the more I hurt
Pain and pleasure go hand in hand
The more I lose the more I gain
The more I want to give
I push it to the limit, gamble everything
Give more than I get
Take more than I am given
Sometimes all I do is wait
They push back, reach and resist
But you must go all the way
To feel it all, the bad, the good
The joy, the agony, the bliss
All must be accepted, taken in
You must feel with soul
Spread your wings, raise your sword
You must confront your emotions
Ruminate your feelings
Lose yourself to find the other
You must undress your mind
Empty all knowledge
Take off your blind fold
Go back on what you believe
Lose perspective to find purpose
Take love in as a meal
Savor it, allow it to nourish you
Feed it to your spirit
Love becomes a part of you
Your conscience, your heart
Let it flow through your limbs
Fill your veins, muscles and bones
Accept it, multiply it, share it
Make it infinite, soul food
Free your emotions
Let it out, let it go
Love until it hurts


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