Friday, August 6, 2010

Forever Lost

My guardian angel
Spirit guiding the fallen
Your candles' flame burns low
For the world, for their souls
This life isn’t mine anymore
These houses, these people
The hating, the sickness
Get me out
Get me out of here

Why should I rejoice when they’re dying?
What am I still doing here?
Watching them sleep
Dead, used, abused beings
Handicapped men and women
Get me out
Get me out of here

It’s hard being alone
When you know where you belong
When a heart’s been broken
So many times over
The pieces come apart
Turn to dust
Parts of me forever lost

You get older
The game gets serious
More pleasure, more choices
You do what you want
Take what you can get
Please your mind, body
Attempt to mend your heart again
But time takes its toll, the organ numbs
Parts of you forever lost

Embrace their illness
Believe in your presence
Making their lives better
Enfold the pain, befriend the sorrow
Kiss the tears, love the disease
It feeds on your fears
Shed your needs, seek to please
Unmask the side you only show the mirror
Don’t close the door to your desires
Unveil the fantasies you crave to try
Be patient with the beloved
We are at war with life
Parts of us forever lost


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