Sunday, June 20, 2010

Far from Future

So far but right in front of me
Is it ill that for anguish unfelt I choose distance
For future pandemonium I retreat
Not wanting to touch
Not wanting to feel
You see, I met a lady named love
She showed me a world of miracles
A place we unite
Same energy, same body
For me, always a challenge
I read emotion
What you feel and what you don’t
If you could borrow my eyes you would understand
What I see and don’t know
If I might speak for your heart to hear
Could I touch your body
Allow you to feel me
Decipher my being
For the trouble one would not
Take more than one can give
To consume what you cannot bear
I won’t die a liar
I tell myself the truth
Don’t be a fool
For love unrequited is a dwelling tragedy
I desire naught
Take my time
Play in nature
And when they are done taking I need recharging
A refreshing of the spirit
Aware of what I want
In tune with what I feel
Conscious that I wish you here



Inspired by F.S.Jr.

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